At our office, we are so fortunate that our management team recognizes the benefit of showing appreciation to their staff. Every other week we each receive a massage in the comfort of our office by an exceptional massage practitioner. Its 15 minutes where all my worries and tension melt away. While I don’t have access to the actual numbers I’m sure that this type of activity is of great cost benefit to our organization.” -Ryan B., Legal Account Representative,  Toronto ON

Being pregnant and receiving such a great massage in just 15min was wonderful. I will definitely plan for more until I give birth and afterwards. I felt tension free and re-energized. All the “knots” are gone! The practitioner adjusted the chair perfectly. When is our next session!?”
Dania V. Clinical Nurse Specialist, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa ON

This was the best! Quite relaxing, not at all uncomfortable…great job!” -Claudia M., Team Leader, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Peterborough ON

Thank you very much for the brief but special moment…it just goes to show you that it doesn’t take much time in our busy day to feel rejuvenated!”
Lina C. RN, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa ON

Fantastic!!! I suffer from repetitive strain injuries from my job. If the massage sessions were available on a regular basis, all clerical workers would suffer from fewer injuries. Loved it!” -Suzanne W., OR Bookings, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Peterborough ON

It feels like I am floating on air! The massage provided a big relief to my left shoulder area which has plagued me for months. I feel like a new woman!”
Nancy G. RPN, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa ON

EVERY office should have this. I’m fortunate to have a great employer who believes in taking care of their employees, which includes physical well-being. Try it – you’ll love it!” -Kathy W., Kent Legal, Toronto ON

I want to say this was my first experience with massage and I really appreciated this. This was not only relaxing but extremely therapeutic.
I thank you so much” -Julie Buchan, nurse, Medical Office, Peterborough ON

My massage practitioner knew exactly where my tight spots were and they worked out the tension just right…very relaxing!” -Jane, CSR TD Bank

I am pleased to send my comments regarding the service provided by Advanced Corporate Therapeutics (A.C.T.). The whole office looks forward to our bi-weekly sessions. Without a doubt it is the best employee benefit we have added for our employees. I would strongly recommend A.C.T.’s services to any employer looking to boost morale within their workplace.” -Laird F., Manager/Controller, Toronto ON

A great service to include in our workday! Thanks for all your advice.”
-Karen, Financial Advisor

It was great – very relaxing! …was very friendly and helpful, I enjoyed it thoroughly.” -Nancy, FSR, Millbrook ON

Would love to have it again. A very beneficial and friendly service.”
-B.R. TD Bank

The massage allowed me to get refocused and back to work. Thanks a bunch!” -Karen S., Coordinator of Hospitality Services, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Peterborough ON

Very relaxing! …Was my first massage, wonderful experience, would love
to have it done again! Very friendly practitioner — great suggestions after massage” -Sharon, R.W. Medical Office, Peterborough ON

The massage service was great! The atmosphere was relaxing and the therapist was friendly and knowledgeable. Please have this service available more often at the hospital!”
Suzanne P. Radiology Technologist, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa ON

It was wonderful, the massage practitioner was helpful and friendly,
it was a great experience.” -Shannon S., Medical Receptionist, Peterborough ON

I had been feeling tired and sore – after the massage I felt more alert and energized. I would love to have this done again!” – Kate, Lab tech, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Peterborough ON

This was a very friendly and helpful service. My shoulders felt very relaxed after the session! Money well spent.” -Nutrition Services, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Peterborough ON

I really liked the experience. The massage was very good and I will recommend it to everyone. I will definitely use your service again.”
M.B. IA, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa ON

This is the best 15min of my day – without a doubt! I think we should have this service at least monthly. Very good massage practitioner.”
C. Welch CI Director, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa ON