Tension Headaches: How to Get Relief in Just Two Minutes

Tension HeadachesTension headaches are inevitable if you are stuck on a computer all day. Often mistaken for migraine headaches, they can bring about nagging pain in the upper back and neck area and will sometimes refer pain all the way to the eyes.

This article lets you in on one of the greatest tips I have ever recommended which shows you how to reduce tension headaches easily at the home or office and only with the help of a toy you most certainly have in your home right now. Use this tip a few times per day to completely cure your tension headaches and be sure to tell your friends about it!

How often have you found yourself sitting at your computer, rubbing your own shoulders or stretching your head from side to side to help relieve neck or back pain and discomfort? If you are like most people, you probably do it a few times per day without even noticing it. Here is a useful massage secret that has helped people relieve their tension headaches and back pain in only 2 minutes. It’s so simple: you can prevent these nagging problems with the help of a common household toy which costs less than a cup of coffee.

Here is what you need: a tennis ball

When used properly, this little ball of bliss can make a big difference. I’ve been a huge fan of the tennis ball massage ever since I it helped cure my rotator cuff tendonitis. Even now I use a tennis ball every day to soften up the muscles in my upper back to prevent the onset of painful tension headaches. Be careful, however. If tennis balls are used incorrectly, they may not be as effective, so make sure to follow the instructions below to get the most out of this health prevention secret:

The Tennis Ball Massage:

1. Find a tennis ball from home. Do not use one that the dog has been chewing for years…it will be too soft (and wet!). The best ones to get are from the dollar store. They are terrible for tennis, but because they are harder, they work perfectly for the tennis ball massage.

2. Choose a place to perform the massage. The best option is a blank wall or door (the harder the wall or door, the better). I have known some people to create dents in older drywall, so try to find a hard surface you know you won’t ruin. People always ask if it’s ok to perform this massage on the floor. I advise against it because the process might be awkward and pretty intense for a first-timer. You have much more control if you are standing so stay on your feet.

3. Stand with your back against a sturdy, flat surface. Place the tennis ball between your upper back and the wall so that the tennis ball is resting between one of your shoulder blades and your spine. For example, if you want to start on the upper right side of your back, the tennis ball should be between the spine and the right shoulder blade, resting on top of the long muscles of the back. Placing the tennis ball on bone is not fun; it will not be comfortable and you won’t get much benefit.

4. Once the ball is in the correct place, lean into the wall and put one foot slightly in front of the other (to push easier) and gently lean towards the wall. You should feel a comfortable pressure on your back where the tennis ball is. Depending on how much pressure you want, lean or push yourself into the wall with more or less force. This should feel good, so if it hurts, ease off!

5. After you have mastered the “leaning technique,” you are ready for the “rolling technique.” Bend your knees slightly up and down so the tennis ball rolls up and down the space between your shoulder blades and your spine. This is my favorite and is incredibly effective at reducing tension!

I guarantee that if you use this secret at home or at the office, you will experience less aches and pains associated with computer related strain. Most tennis ball packages come with three balls; keep one at home, in the car and at the office. Pass this information around at the office and I promise that you will enjoy a happier group of co-workers and see many more smiles at the water cooler.

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Drew Nesbitt is a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Toronto Ontario who sees too many people with workplace related injuries at his clinic!  For more information on Drew, visit www.drewnesbitt.ca

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